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Hard walls and roof in bed area Eliminates discomfort of wet and flapping canvas. Enhanced feeling of comfort and security.   N/A
Hard floor in tent area Ease of set-up including on uneven ground – no pegs or guy ropes   N/A
Living space one-metre longer than other campers More living space without increasing overall length Tent entry positions enhance use of floor space  
Ease of set-up/pack-up Either can be achieved in three- minutes. Design means that procedure is incremental – no intimidating large parts to handle – can be managed single handed by average size male or female   Once deck is deployed and hatch raised tent set up is completed under cover in the event of rain.
Three modes of deployment 1. Lower deck, get in and close hatch for emergency, security or severe conditions. 2. Lower deck and fit fly screen – for favourable overnight conditions. 3. Deploy tent for full camper accommodation   N/A
Roll-out stainless steel kitchen Compact, self contained, easily accessible, durable, hygienic and easily clean.   No support props required.
Short-stop easy access kitchen and interior Access internal load and fridge etc for roadside stop in seconds   N/A
Sitting area available on tent set-up Comfort and convenience     N/A
Easy access to bed – 150mm thick mattress – queen size option Floor area at rear of bed offers ease of access - no high climb or drop to floor level. Mattress is fully supported   Some campers offer queen-size bed but end of mattress may be unsupported.
Will carry fridge and porta potti Floor area at rear of bed permits loading of large storage containers and fridge etc.   N/A
Wet canvas does not pack onto bed Canvas stores in lift-up hatch well away from bed area.   N/A
Two to three times the load volume of other campers Significant load and storage opportunities 1300 litre load volume – 500kg load mass  
Up to twice the wet load capacity 70-litre ‘food grade’ tank for safe drinking water. Second 70-litre water tank optional. Five jerry can holders for additional water and fuel.   N/A
Up to 100kg lighter than other campers Carry a greater payload or lighter total towed weight.   N/A
Load accessible without tent set-up Lower deck and raise hatch in 20 seconds and all load space is accessible.   N/A
Jig welded – twin torque design – laser cut bracketry – hot dip galvanized Torsionally rigid – maximum rust protection. Hot dip galvanising offers far greater rust protection than galvabond, which is an electro-deposit method applied to stock steel sections. Welding destroys galvabond surface treatment.  
MC2 Asymmetric Link Suspension Designed to match modern tow vehicle performance potential.  Superior off-road performance, durability and reliability increase driver and passenger confidence and comfort levels. MC2 = Mobility Category 2 – a high-performance and durability requirement for sensitive off-road military trailers. Tvan shares its suspension design with our ‘in service’ military trailers. No other camper trailer can claim this.  
250mm wheel travel Sixty per cent more than any competitor product. Smoothes out the roughest terrain. Eases stress on tow vehicle and driver.   N/A
Self -steering geometry Trailer is easy to tow and directionally stable on all surfaces.   N/A
Lighter ball weight than other campers-approx 110kg Load carrying opportunities permit load management and maintenance of ball weight at about 110kg. Other designs dictate that major loads be carried on draw bar and increase ball weight.    
Superior chassis system design and performance Structurally sound, maximum departure and break over angles.  Trailer will not hang up on anything tow vehicle gets through.   N/A
Parallel 1600kg axles Provides performance and reliability safety factor. Most trailers and caravans use 1200kg tapered axles.  
Logical spare wheel mounting Easily accessible in muddy or dusty conditions. Enhances aerodynamic shape.   N/A
Koni shock absorbers custom valved to Track Trailer specifications Enhance suspension design for superior performance.   N/A
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