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Caravan Exterior Sealants


From the moment your caravan or campertrailer leaves the showroom it will begin to suffer environmental damage caused by weather, solutions and exposure to the elements. This damage can decrease the life of your new van and eventually it's resale value. 

At Dave Benson Caravans, we have found a solution that incorporates a complete protection package which will improve the life, look and value of your caravan.

Ozone Shield's one-time paint sealant for your caravan exterior ensures you will no longer need to wax or polish your caravan. It means low maintenance and more time to enjoy your leisure activities.

Ozone Shield's revolutionary paint preservation treatment locks in the original colour preventing charlking and fading and makes little work of cleaning off roadgrime, teesap and bird droppings.

Caravan Interior Protection






Ozone Shield's fabric protection offers a lifetime warranty against damage caused from staining. Every fibre is treated with an invisible coating to protect all furnishings including upholstery, mattresses, curtains, bedspreads, cushions & pelmets inside your caravan.

Ozone Shield's has treated thousands of caravans, campertrailers and poptops and have proven treated caravans retain their fresh clean look up to 3 times longer than normal which ensures your van looks newer for years and years.

Ozone Professional Application

All Ozone treatments are carried out onsite at Dave Benson Caravans. All Ozone Shield's products are applied by our specially trained, skilled technicians.


When it comes to application on the exterior, our specially trained technicians firstly remove grease and grime by washing the van. Then, we detail the van to remove any surplus silicone. Ozone Shield's sealant is then applied directly on to the aluminium and fibreglass surface then left to cure.


All fabrics inside the van are treated with Ozone Shield's fabric protection including: curtains, pelmet boxes, upholstery, mattresses, bedspreads, bedhead and any other padding. The Ozone Shield's fabric protection is a superior product. This gives it strength and durability.

Simply contact us for more information or make an appointment with one of our sales consultants to discuss your needs.

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