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What is the tare mass?
Approx 750kg

What is the load capacity?
Payload is 500kg

What size is the bed?
Standard mattress is double bed size 6'2" x 4'6". Option: Queen-size wide x standard length. An optional clip on bed extension achieves queen size long to either width above. The mattress is 150mm thick high-density foam.

Can the bed be left made up?
Yes. The bed area is not encumbered or critical in converting Tvan to travel mode. Tie rails are provided each side to secure load on bed.

Is wet canvas packed over the bed?
Tvan eliminates the major problem of wet canvas packed on the bed by stowing canvas in the lift-up hatch well away from the bed area.

How long is it inside?
From front of bed to rear of breakfast bar is 4800mm (16 feet). Deck area under tent is 2050mm long.

What are set-up/sleep configurations?
1. Foul weather/stuck in the mud: Lower deck, raise hatch, enter and close hatch - 20 seconds.
2. Fair weather, lazy stop, no need to deploy tent, maximum ventilation: Lower deck, raise hatch and enter - 15 seconds. A slip on fly screen is offered to suit this mode.
3. Deploy tent: Lower deck, raise hatch, drop tent from hatch and set up three to four minutes.

Is it practical to access internal load for roadside stops?
Yes. Lower deck and raise hatch, which takes about 20 seconds. This may include access to primary or second fridge carried in the trailer at the rear of bed.

Should I be concerned about quality and security of drinking water?
An imported 70-litre 'food grade' water tank is standard and fully stone protected by steel enclosure. The water tank is served by electric and hand pump. Tank is accessible and easily removed via internal cover panel for service or cleaning. A second 70-litre tank is optional.

What is additional water and fuel carrying capacity?
Five jerry cans. Three holders at the draw bar and one to each rear pannier are standard. Tvan's total standard of a wet load capacity is 170-litres.

What is LPG carrying capacity?
2 x 4kg cylinders

What is the load / storage volume?
Total 1100 litres plus kitchen. (Almost double that available with 'flip-over' type campers.) Additional provision for load: On bed, open load space at rear panniers for rubbish bags, recycling etc., wood carry rack, space forward of gas bottle for small fuel container, recovery gear or tool box. Specific volumes expressed as litres are: under bed - 280. Floor area rear of bed - 470. Each side of bed - 120. Right-hand side locker - 230.

What is the wheel track?
Track is 1620mm but will vary nominally with various wheel / tyre specs.

Will it fit into my garage?
Overall length travel mode - 4400mm. Overall width - 1860mm. Height unladen - 2050mm.

Will Tvan go where I intend travelling?
Tvan employs our unique MC2 Asymmetric link suspension system. It comprises independent lateral axle members arranged asymmetrically and located by trailing radius links. Coil springs and Koni shock absorbers are also employed.

The system matches the performance of modern 4WD vehicles and addresses criteria such as long wheel travel, soft, flat ride, directional stability, durability, low maintenance and ease of service.

Unlike a leaf or trailing arm system, it does not have bad load paths and eliminates latent torsion. Bushes do not carry major chassis loads and the design achieves self-steer geometry. Recommended service interval for major components is five 5 years or 100,000km.

Many people purchase expensive vehicles and spend more money modifying suspensions for outback use. Most trailers will compromise performance potential of such a vehicle. Imagine the confidence level of owning one that won't. MC2 equipped trailers have been supplied to Army, Navy, Airforce and Telstra for outback use.

What is the departure angle?
Departure angle is 30 degrees. This means Tvan has greater mobility than most towed or tow vehicles.

What are kitchen options?
Standard kitchen is all stainless steel and fully contained - it is not a split system. It is accessible at all times with fingertip rollout operation. No props or legs need to be deployed. A large cutlery drawer and 65-litre storage volume are standard. An electric sink tap is optional.

Can I access the kitchen without setting up the camper?
Want a relaxing brew enroute to your favourite location. Simply pull over, slide out the kitchen and put on the kettle for a delicious and refreshing tea or coffee.

Is the Tvan weatherproof?
Unlike other camper trailers, Tvan has hard walls and roof over bed area and eliminates the problem of wet, leaking or flapping canvas. Canvas over the deck area is high quality and securely seals to body area and deck. In travel mode, side locker doors and rear hatch close onto automotive type seals.

Should I be concerned about draw bar ball weight?
Tvan does not allow for carrying load boxes, fridge etc on the draw bar. Distribution of wet load provisions and other load opportunities permit load management and adjustment of ball weight.