Being the largest showroom of new and used Caravans / Recreational Vehicles, Dave Benson Caravans can offer the following safety hints & tips for caravans or camper trailers. Don't forget to print this page off before you go on your holidays!


Book into the Dave Benson Caravans Service department for a full 'Pre-Trip Service'. Our team of qualified technicians will check and service as required your caravan / recreational vehicle including;

* braking system
* wheel bearings, axels and suspension
* all electrical, battery, solar and gas systems

We'll ensure that your caravan / recreational vehicle is ready for a safe, comfortable adventure so that you can relax and LIVE the DREAM.

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Pre-towing Check

- Make sure all 12 volt lights inside the van are switched off
- Close all windows
- Close all roof hatches
- Safety catch on fridge
- Stove lid secured
- Check all cupboards are packed and closed
- Remove everything off bench tops that is not screwed down
- Close, lock and put safety hook on door
- Turn off gas bottle
- Remove TV antenna (if applicable)
- Remove power lead 240 volt
- Wind up all corner jack stands
- Close front stone shield and secure
- Check tyre pressures


Hook Up

- Check towbar, bolts and/or pins
- Connect caravan onto towbar of vehicle
- Check coupling has fallen into closed position
- Fold back and release hand brake cable
- Remove jockey wheel
- Connect D shackles to safety chains and towbar
- Hook on brake safe wire (if applicable - generally only on large vans)
- Connect 7 pin trailer plug
- Connect hitch or level rides if applicable
- Check all exterior lights are working
- Switch fridge to 12 volt if required
- Make sure roll out awning catch is in roll up position with travel catches secured, if applicable



- After travelling 15 minutes or so, pull over where safe and check to see if everything is still in a secure position
- You should slide the manual over ride button on your brake controller a few times, when you start travelling. This will dislodge dirt and surface rust on brake drums so that your brakes do not grab on application.
- When towing your tow vehicle may require more pressure in the rear tyres, check your vehicle owner's manual for directions.
- If you happen to encounter corrugated roads, consider letting some air out from the tyres on your caravan or camper trailer approximately 10 psi. This is one way to help ease the shock on your caravan by letting the tyre absorb the rough road conditions. Return the air - - in your tyres to normal pressure as soon as possible.
- Dropping tyre pressures too much can cause damage to your tyres so care should be taken to ensure tyre pressures are not low on bitumen, rocky or sharp stoney roads.
- Make sure your door is open when you lower or raise your pop top roof.


Happy Travelling!