Service Department


Dave Benson Caravan's Service Centre is able to manage and complete all servicing requirements for your caravan / RV! 


All service personnel at DBC's Service Centre receive specialised training from industry experts on an ongoing basis so we're confident in offering our labour and parts warranty for all work performed.



We offer a range of services;

* Pre-Trip Service - check and repair (as required) of all major components.
* Regular Servicing - check main areas of wear & tear together with those items that still require maintenance even when the caravan / RV is stored.
* Electrical / Battery repairs and fitting - all 240V electrical and 12V battery repair and installation work including solar systems.
* Gas fitting - repair, maintenance and fitting of all gas systems within a caravan / RV.
* Suspension & Brakes - repair, maintenance and installation of all suspension types, braking systems and towing safety systems.
* Carpentry - repairs, modifications & installations of all interior carpentry.
* Exterior finishes - repairs and modifications to most exterior finishes used on modern caravans / RVs.


New Caravan Warranty

It is a part of younew caravan / RV manufacturers warranty requirements that your new caravan / RV is serviced regularly. Ongoing services each 10,000km or 12 months are recommended to ensure that your caravan / RV is kept in health!

Simply contact us today to make an appointment with our Service Manager for your next Pre-Trip Service, Health Checkup, Modification and or Repair to your caravan / RV.